Launching Conference of the Project : ” Network of Roma social inclusion – empowerment and advocacy- 9 October 2014

On 9 October 2014 at Capital Plaza Hotel in Bucharest took place the launching conference of the project ” Network of Roma social inclusion – empowerment and advocacy „.

The event was attended by representatives of public institutions in Romania , civil society and embassies in Bucharest.

During the event, were announced the preliminary results of the analysis of the NGO sector.

The purpose of this research was to devise an overview on the development of civil society in social inclusion of Roma, to measure the level of development of organizational capacity of Roma and non-Roma NGOs who are active on the field of social inclusion of Roma as well as to identify general types of needs on organizational capacity.

Also, during this event were presented the objectives and activities that will be conducted within the project that aims to empower organizational capacity of 15 NGOs nationwide.

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