REPORT Regional round table – European Funding and Roma Communities Sibiu, the 25th of June,2015

7. ENG Raport final eveniment regional RISOROM 25 iunie 2015 – Sibiu

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Launching of the National Evaluation for Active Organizations Capacitation for Roma Social Inclusion

„Împreună” Agency for Community Development, the Policy Center for Roma and Minorities and the Resources Center for Public Participation invite you to join us in the project Roma Social Inclusion Network – Competences and Advocacy, financed by SEE 2009-2014 within the NGO Fund Romania. We belive your opinion to be extremly important in our effort to diagonse the NGO field aimed at Roma social inclusion.

This diagnosis is intended to identify the level of development characterizing the past years of active Roma and non-Roma NGOs attempts concerning social inclusion and, more generally, organizational capacitation, developing tools to meet the needs of the community (such as textbooks and leaflets), project management, public advocacy campaigns, etc.

We invite you to fill in our questionnaire until the 25th of September 2014. The form will address issues concerning organizational capacitation (of the NGO/company you represent), implemented projects, advocacy actions, etc.

We assure you that all the information provided is confidential and will be used solely in the purpose of statistical analysis, as our NGO diagnosis is dependent of the objectivity of your responses. The final report of our diagnosis will be published on the websitewww.agenț  and freely available.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Cerasela Bănică, project coordinator, phone number 021.210.0539, e-mail:

Thank you for your implication in the project and we look forward to hearing from you!

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Launching the small and medium NGO selection for the Roma Social Inclusion Network

Do you want to be part of the Roma Social Inclusion Network?!

„Împreună” Agency for Community Development and its partners within the project Roma Social Inclusion Network – Capabilities and Advocacy, financed by SEE 2014-2019, NGO Fund Romania, invites small and medium organizations from the seven development regions to participate in the selection of the network memberships.

Medium organization – association or foundation (Roma or non-Roma) with less than 5 years of activity and an annual budget of less than 500.000 RON.

Small organization – association or foundation (Roma or non-Roma) with an annual budget of less than 50.000 RON.

Selection criteria for the NGOs:

–          Classification into one of the two categories explained earlier,

–          Mission and/or objectives concerning Roma social inclusion stated in the organization handbook,

–          Need for capabilities concerning developing advocacy plans/actions,

–          Grassroots actions involving Roma communities,

–          Low organizational capabilities in accessing and implementing funds aimed at promoting and implementing Roma social inclusion,

–          Involvement in one of the development regions,

–          100% completion of the application form.

The membership folder (for both small and medium organizations) will contain the following:

–          The evaluation questionnaire at,

–          Letter of intent detailing how a capabilities development program will help the organization, as well as how the organization plans to involve itself in advocacy-related activities,

–          Engagement declaration to the projects’ activities (for network members),

–          2013 balance sheet submitted and registered at the Financial Administration for organizations established until January 2014,

–          2013 activity report (only for medium organizations).


Organizations interested in membership to the Network must send the above until the 23rd of September 2014, 12.00pm at

a)      E-mail: office@agenț (with the subject „Candidatură Rețeaua de Incluziune Socială a Romilor”/ “Candidacy for Roma Social Inclusion Network”)


b)      Post: Agenția de Dezvoltare Comunitară Împreună, str. Mihai Eminescu, nr. 124, sc. C, et. 6, ap. 14, cod poştal 020084, Sector 2 București. “Candidacy for Roma Social Inclusion Network” should be written clearly on the envelope.


The NGOs selected as members of the Roma Social Inclusion Network

–          Will be part of an active network which will offer a framework for improving organizational capacities in areas such as human resources, promoting project activities, access to relevant information and strategic planning,

–          Will have the opportunity to debate local/regional problems concerning the Roma community at 7 regional events and 2 national advocacy events, along with various decision makers, representatives of other countries, etc.,

–          Each NGO will be helped in achieving public-private settlements, which will work to intensify, enhance and improve cooperation between organizations and local public authorities, as well as increase the influence organizations can exert on local decision makers,

–          Will be technically assisted on a period of 8 months by the project partners in elaborating new projects and implementing projects, as well as developing and implementing local advocacy plans,

–          2 members of each NGO will be taught how to write projects, do advocacy, as well as benefit from an internship with one of the three project partners. All the costs will be ensured by Agenția Împreună.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Cerasela Bănică, project coordinator, phone number 021.210.0539, e-mail:

Good luck!

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