The meeting regarding ideals, strategies and persuasion. Roma Social Inclusion Network – Empowerment and Advocacy

For the first time, 24 members of 12 NGOs from the Roma communities representation will meet to establish the common strategy of the Roma Social Inclusion Network – Empowerment and Advocacy.

The two main components of the strategy will follow:

1. Empowerment:  During the project and even after it will be finished, the member organizations will benefit from an intense support in different professional areas in order to achieve their goals.

2. Advocacy: The organizations will be involved in the elaboration and implementation at local, regional and national level of a complex advocacy campaign. The campaign will concentrate upon raining awareness among local authorities regarding the necessity of the future interventions in the Roma communities, the necessity of partnerships with civil society and also in order to facilitate the NGO’s access to various funds for the social inclusion of Roma.

During this meeting, the 24 members will not only establish the strategy, but also the related operational plan and the main activities in the organizational development and advocacy field.

After the first meeting, the network members will participate to an advocacy training, which will focus on the instruments used in the process of taking public decision.

The events are organized by “Impreuna” Agency with the support of their partners, Policy Center for Roma and Minorities and the Resource Center of Public Participation.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Cerasela Bănică, project coordinator, phone number 021.210.0539, e-mail:


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